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Join Date 1 June 2006
Date I became an administrator 1 July 2006
Location California, USA
Gender Female
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My name is Nidhi and I am an editor at I first delved into Wikicars in May of 2006 when we were planning what the site would look like, and I fell head-over-heels in love with it. I'm an avid car fan, and I attend the LA International Auto Show every year. I'm a member of the Motor Press Guild and an automotive enthusiast, through and through. Being in the industry, I hope to be a large help here. My favorite car of all time is the Hummer H1 and I even shed tears when it went out of production this past summer. What can I say? Hybrids are the wave of the future, and perhaps I too, will steer away from the unique H1's of the world and get a ubiquitous Prius instead!

My Picks

  1. Hummer H1 - May you RIP and may your little brothers continue your reign!
  2. Toyota Camry - No, it's not unique in the least bit, but, it was named Motor Trend's 2007 Car of the Year, it's got a hybrid version and a convertible and coupe version, the Camry Solara, which is also my current ride!
  3. Chevy Silverado - Heigh ho, Silver! Yes, not all trucks are lucky enough to be the Motor Trend Truck of the Year and the North American Truck of the Year in the same year. And yes, it's got bells that jingle-jangle-jingle!
  4. Lexus IS 250 with AWD - Mazda may have coined the phrase "Zoom Zoom Zoom." but Lexus should coin the phrase "Vroom Vroom Vroom!"
  5. Lincoln MKR - Congratulations Ford! You've finally hit one outta the ball park - at least in the Lincoln division.
  6. Porsche Cayman S - The name says it all!
  7. 2008 Nissan Altima - Nice try, Nissan. But if you wait that long to put out a midsize sports coupe, give it a few extra curves!
  8. BMW Z4 Coupe - FINALLY! It's about time they made a coupe version of this bad-boy. Now, time for a hardtop!
  9. Maserati Quattroporte - Wowza! An Italian hottie w/ a body!