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Administrators are users with more power than the ordinary user. Known as Sysops they have the ability to protect a page or delete a page. Sysops also have the ability to block users. As sysops we watch over the site and use our powers when necessary and with discretion. We do not condone spamming or vandalism-- spammers and vandals alike risk being blocked from the site indefinitely.

Current Administrators

Administrator Qualifications

Site administrators should have as many of these qualifications as possible:

  • Good faith dealing on all community issues; someone who never flames; is always moderate in tone; is always welcoming to new members. (This qualification is absolute and a 'golden rule'.)
  • Expertise; someone who has expertise to lend to the site; it could be automotive expertise of any sort-- or specialized editing or technical skills.
  • Sustained Contribution; someone who has made siginficant contributions to the community over time; someone who plans to stay involved.
  • Leadership and Mentoring; someone who proactively helps other community members.
  • Varied Participation; someone who helps with site building and maintenance projects; someone who fights vandalism; who participates in areas other than their own projects.
  • Wiki markup skills; It's helpful for admins to be skilled in building pages and helping other users.
  • Transparency and Interactivity; As leaders, administrators need to be transparent to and accountable to the community; they share their real names (at least first names) on their user pages; they describe their interests; they answer questions promptly.