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All hail the Smart Car.
Cute, yet ugly.
Unlike pugs, which are just ugly.

Join Date I like to think I was always a member of WikiCars; it just took 29 years for us to find each other.
Date I became an administrator = Date I truly tasted life for the first time
Location Los Angeles
Gender Male
Current Duties fleshing out model pages, patrolling for spammers, resident gramer/speling watchdog, all-purpose peon
Cars I wish I owned my father's '67 Mustang
my grandpa's '42 Ford pickup
Ferrari F430
Nissan Skyline
Mercedes-Benz SL500


My name is Ryan.

I am a contributor to and administrator of WikiCars.

I am qualified to help moderate the site in this capacity because I once dressed up in a suit and attended the LA Auto Show with a Chinese friend of mine, with whom I obnoxiously exchanged pleasantries punctuated by the not-so-occasional "Why yes, Mr. Isuzu!" and the ever so subtle "Indeed, Mr. Suzuki!"
Our suits were not nearly expensive enough to convince anyone that we were of Honda or Toyota lineage.

More About Me

I enjoy snickerdoodles, both for their airy yet robust texture and for their whimsical name.

Sometimes, when I haven't had enough sleep, I feel as if my soul is walking two steps behind my body. While this is admittedly a fascinating sensation, it often makes me cry.

I have mastered the arts of both krava maga and self-deprecation, an unfortunate side-effect of which is that I bully myself so much I'm afraid of my own reflection.

The preceding sentence was in no way inspired by the television show "Heroes."

I sometimes feel I offer too much information about myself on the internet.