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Rolls-Royce FAB 1
Body Style

FAB 1 is the name given to the six wheeled, pink Rolls-Royce in the Thunderbirds TV Series. Owned by Lady Penelope Creighton Ward, her chauffeur Parker sits at the center front of the passenger compartment under a bubble canopy. This car is like a James Bond style vehicle with gadgets and gizmos including heavy artillery and even a hydrofoil. Rolls Royce actually supplied a radiator grille complete with Spirit of Ecstasy for close-up shots of the car.

In the 2004 film version, the car was still pink, had six wheels and a glass canopy (now tinted) but Rolls Royce threatened legal action if the Rolls Royce name was used - this was considered slightly ironic, as Rolls Royce's Rolls-Royce Phantom was heavily compared to FAB1 when it was first introduced.

Ford were then approached and could not have been more helpful. The replacement FAB1 was - fittingly - a heavily modified Ford Thunderbird supplied by the Ford Motor Company.

According to some websites, FAB 1 can travel at supersonic speeds while flying. The boot panels would open to expose the gas turbine engine before flight and wings would extend from the undercarriage. During flight, the rear set of wheels folds into the vehicle's body completely. This prevents them from creating unnecessary drag and so slowing the aircraft down.

Skis for going over heavy snow are also added to the vehicle. The bullet-proof, run-flat tyres are fitted with studs in order to give extra traction.

The central passenger compartment of FAB 1 doubles as an emergency life raft in the event of an emergency at sea. Buoyancy tanks hidden in the body panelling ensure that the compartment remains afloat after it has broken away from the rest of the vehicle.

Lady Penelope also ownes a yacht, FAB 2, and a winning racehorse, FAB 3.



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