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This page contains a list of automobiles generally regarded as supercars. The category is a subjective one, however, and the inclusion of some of the automobiles listed may be somewhat controversial —depending upon the opinion of the reader.

While there is no objective definition of a supercar, it is generally considered to have characterics such as, cutting-edge technology for the era of initial production, extreme power, exclusivity, rarity, and extravagant styling. For this reason, some automobiles that may have one or more of these attributes—but are notably lacking in others—may not be considered supercars by some people, hence, a list of disputed, debated, or probable supercars also is included. Detailed discussion of the criteria determining inclusion in this classification, is on the page entitled, supercar.



The following is a list of automobiles that are widely considered to be supercars for their era. They are listed in the era of the initial year of production of the base model, then alphabetically.

A citation of "supercar" status should be provided for each vehicle in this list.

Pre 1960s

1970s Supercars

1980s Supercars

1990s Supercars

2000s Supercars

Although a completed car had been shown to potential customers for a few months, the Carbontech Redback Speyder made its official debut at the 2006 Melbourne Motorshow. Ran by Nick Tomkinson, the Australian company's first venture into the automotive industry was the construction of Lamborghini Countach replicas. They clearly felt the Countach was not extreme enough and set out to design a very spartan supercar.

Similar in proportion to the British Stealth B6 or Ultima GTR, the Redback Spyder features some unique design cues. In the initial drawings the car did not feature a full windscreen even though the rear bulkhead was high enough to support a roof structure. A windscreen was added in the development process, but the end product is still far from conventional. Mounted above the two radiator intakes, the small round headlights are the most striking design element.

Of course for a car of this type, the performance figures are what counts;with a curb weight of around 900 kg and a 450 bhp supercharged version of GM's popular LS1 V8 performance should be exhilarating. Tomkinson initially planned to install a turbocharged Lexus V8, but the complicated engine is shelved for the time being. The low weight is achieved by using vast amounts of exotic materials like carbon fibre and kevlar. The fully adjustable suspension will enable owners to completely tailor the Redback Spyder to their tastes.

For now the Carbontech Redback Spyder is not road legal, but there are plans to apply for compliance in the future. There is a particularly big interest in the car from the United States and the first car has already been sold to North America. The striking road racer can be yours for a cool $250,000 AUD or $190,000 USD.

Planned supercars

Supercar projects that were built as design exercise

Supercars that failed to enter production

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