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Brammo Rogue GT
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This contains information about a scheduled or anticipated future automobile.
It may contain preliminary or speculative information, and may not reflect the final version of the vehicle.

The Rogue GT is a supercar planned for production by Brammo Motorsports. The car will be powered by a naturally aspirated Falconer V12 engine; Brammo expects the engine will produce 1100 horsepower @ 6500-7000 RPM and between 1200-1600 equipped with either a supercharger or a turbocharger Nm[1]. Prospective weight is 1315 kg, and Brammo claims a top speed of between 225-230 mph. equipped with the forced induction package, the car may be able to claim the title of 'Fastest Production Car in the World', currently held by the Bugatti Veyron