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Zimmer Motor Car Company is a small car manufacturer localized in the EUA, with 1,400 owners.


In the 1950s Mr. Paul Zimmer (no relation to Art Zimmer) started the Zimmer Manufacturing Company. The product was manufactured housing, houses constructed in a factory. The company grew and prospered. By the mid 1980's the company had sales of over 325 million dollars, with 14 manufacturing plants spread across the county and employed several thousand employees. Zimmer homes were the top of the line, the most expensive and highest quality of all manufactured homes. In the late 1970s Zimmer manufacturing diversified into several additional "fun" businesses. These divisions included the manufacturing of luxury yachts, motor homes, RV-recreational vehicles and van conversions. Each new Zimmer product developed the reputation of being the highest quality product available in the market. In 1978 Paul Zimmer purchased an Excalibur neo-classic motor car to drive around just for fun. He thought the concept of a neo (new) classic car was great, but the quality and design of the Excaliber was somewhat lacking. Mr. Zimmer decided that he could do better and created the Zimmer Motor Car Division of Zimmer Manufacturing. In 1980 the first Zimmer Golden Spirit rolled out of the factory in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Golden Spirit quickly became very successful and Zimmer motor cars set the highest standard for all neo-classic cars. From 1980 to 1988 the Zimmer Motor Car Company was very successful, producing an average of 176 neo-classic motor cars per year. There was usually a back order of cars. Sales were brisk. Most years, the total production sold out. There was a waiting list, a nationwide network of dealers and over 10 million dollars in annual sales. Three models of the Golden Spirit were manufactured: a 2-door sport coupe, a convertible and a 4-door sedan. In 1985 a second car was introduced. The Zimmer Quicksilver was a more modern vehicle. About 170 Quicksilvers were built and over 1400 Golden Spirits. No Quicksilver parts are available. There are about 30 Zimmer Club members that own a Quicksilver. In 1987-88, the parent company, Zimmer Manufacturing, fell into serious economic problems. The 325 million dollar a year parent company went bankrupt, taking down with it all of its operating divisions including the successful and profitable ten million dollar a year car company. The IRS and bankruptcy court came in and seized everything, hauled everything in the car company factory and offices to the dump and auctioned off the buildings. Roofing trusts are now manufactured in the old Zimmer Car Company factory. Art Zimmer, a farm boy from Hamilton, NY, had become a self-made successful business man in Syracuse, NY. He was involved in hotels, restaurants, real estate, ski businesses, printing and newspaper publishing. In 1995, Art saw a fancy car in front of the Sam Dell Dodge dealership in Syracuse. Upon closer inspection (Mr. Dell had parked the car to attract people into the dealership), he said "Wow, a car with my name on it." This was the first Art knew of the Zimmer car. In March 1996, while on a business trip to Palm Springs, CA, Art purchased a 1987 Zimmer Golden Spirit, at his wife Shirley's insistence. In September 1996, Art started the Zimmer Motor Car Club for Zimmer car owners. The club was to gather information about Zimmer cars and disseminate it to club members. There are currently over 700 (March 2002) Zimmer motor car owners in the club and a few wannabe Zimmer owners. In 1997, Mr. Art Zimmer started from scratch the Art Zimmer Neo-Classic Motor Car Company. After only a year and a half of legal work, research, development, constructing new molds and a thousand and one other things it takes to get a major new business enterprise up and running, the first brand new 1998 Zimmer Golden Spirit Motor Car rolled off the assembly line in Cambridge, MD in November 1998. On December 11, 1998, near Pittsburgh, PA, the new Zimmer was unveiled and presented to the world. It sold in 24 hours. On September 1, 1998, a Zimmer Car Company parts depot and distribution center was established in Roanoke, VA by Gary and Ruth Zimmer Hendrick. It is a service to owners of 1980's era Zimmers and is a limited part-time offer by club volunteers. Now, what has been accomplished up to now, in such a short time? Several sports coupes have been manufactured. A Golden Spirit convertible was developed and six have already been manufactured and sold. A new 4-door Zimmer Golden Spirit sedan has been developed and several have already sold. The 4-door is based on the Lincoln Town Car and is also available as a 4-door convertible. A nationwide dealer network is being developed. Currently, new car dealerships are being awarded and for a while there will be no franchise fees. It is a golden opportunity for current luxury car dealers to get in on the ground floor with a great luxury motor car franchise. By keeping production low, about 15-20 cars per year and quality high, the Zimmer Golden Spirit Motor Car is the most sought after luxury motor car in the world and the only one manufactured in the U.S.A.

Future models

Zimmer does not have future models.

Current models

The current models are  : 2-door coupe , 2-door convertible, 4-door sedan, 4-door ``l´´ and the 4-door convertible.

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