Triumph Dolomite

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Triumph Dolomite
Production 1972-1980
204,003 Made
Class Sports Sedan
Body Style 4-Door Sedan
Length 4122 mm
Width 1588 mm
Height 1372 mm
Wheelbase 2454 mm
Weight ~980 kg
Transmission M 4
M 4 overdrive
A 3
Engines 1296 cc I-4
1493 cc I-4
1854 cc I-4
1998 cc I-4
Power {{{Horsepower and Torque rating}}}
Similar BMW 2002
Designer Giovanni Michelotti

The Triumph Dolomite was the name initailly given to the top of the line model of Triumph's small sedan range, but the name was extended after 1976 to cover the whole range with the earlier designations (1300, 1500, etc.) coming after the Dolomite name to signify the engine and trim level.

The Dolomite was the final vehicle in a string of small sedan models that Triumph produced to act as successors to the popular Herald. The first was the Triumph 1300, which had a 1300cc engine and front-wheel drive. Later the body panels were remodelled and a 1500cc engine was fitted, resulting in the Triumph 1500.

Unfortuantely, these vehicles, while rather successful, didn't meet up to Triumph's expectations of besting the sales of the Herald. Triumph decided to make a cheaper and mechanically less complex model using rear-wheel drive, which resulted in the production of the Triumph Toledo. The Toledo was sold alongside the front-wheel drive 1500 for a few years before that vehicle changed over to rear-wheel drive in 1973.

The Dolomite name was first revived in 1972 for the successor to the upmarket versions of the FWD cars as well as the Vitesse. The Dolomite initially used the 1854 cc slant-four engine, but in 1973 Triumph developed a new 16-valve OHC 1998 cc slant-four engine for the Dolomite Sprint.

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The Dolomite covered a range of cars that differed in equipment, names, and colors form year to year, but it cannot be said that it had distinct generations. The Triumph Acclaim, the car that replaced the Dolomite range, was a completely different vehicle and was actually a rebadged Honda Ballade.


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