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The Timor S 515 was a compact sedan manufactured by defunct Indonesian car manufacturer Timor.The production wast stopped due to the Asian Financial Crisis.It is the only model offered by Timor.The company was ran by the government.The purppose is to make an affordable car with low taxes,but the plan failed because the car was actually manufactured in Korea instead in Indonesia.


  • Timor S515 (SOHC): carburetted or fuel injected
  • Timor S515i (DOHC)
  • Timor S516i LE (sporty Limited Edition, licensed by Prodrive)
  • Timor SW516i (Stationwagon) - planned
  • Timor SL516i (Limousine) - planned


Although this is the first Indonesian car, it is actually manufactured in Korea. Production ceased in 2003 due to the Asian Financial Crisis. The company closed forever. Kia motors planned to revive the company but the venture failed.The station wagon and limousine version was planned to be made,but it was cancelled.

Design Quirks

  • Because the Timor brand was the only Indonesian automotive manufacturer, the S 151 enjoy low tax rates compared with the other cars in Indonesia.

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