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U.S. Patent {{{1}}} Template:Pp-semi-template
This template documentation is transcluded from Template:US patent/doc [edit]

Template:Tl links to the online USPTO patent application and full-text (only after 1976 patents). It also provides a PDF transcript of the images as the TIFF format cause viewing problems in many browsers.


1 (mandatory)
The US patent number without commas, commas will be inserted by the template. While the USPTO parser ignores commas other services (notably Google Patents) cannot handle them. For design or reissued patents prefix with D or RE, respectively; see Patent Search Help for the full list.
2 (optional)
Link title. Use | and = for | and =, respectively.



{{US patent|123456}}
{{US patent|3541541|US3541541}}
{{US patent|4687200|Nintendo's D-pad Patent}}


U.S. Patent 123,456 
Nintendo's D-pad Patent 

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