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State Limousine

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Royal heads of states

The current Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the elected King of Malaysia) most commonly travels in a red Bentley Arnage or dark blue Mercedes-Benz S-Class bearing the Royal emblem as the license plate. All royal heads of states in the nation are also transported in official/get-around cars bearing their respective royal emblems; common choices include Rolls Royce Phantoms and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Maybach 62 and Mercedes Benz E-Class Stretch Limousine W124.

Federal and state governments

Under guidelines of Malaysia's automotive policies, cars for use by federal and state governments are required to be of national makes<ref name="Local state cars">Template:Citation/core{{#if:|}}</ref> (primarily Proton and Perodua). The Prime Minister has historically used a Proton Chancellor bearing the license plate Chancellor 13, although he has also been driven in a BMW 740Li bearing the license plate Perdana Menteri (Prime Minister). He is also sometimes being driven around in a black Proton Perdana Executive, a stretched mid-size sedan larger than the Proton Chancellor, also bearing a license plate with the number "13".<ref>Template:Citation/core{{#if:|}}</ref> His car is usually escorted by traffic police outriders as well as Volvo XC90 security cars.

Lower ranking government officials typically travel in Proton Perdanas. Like the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers and state governments were obligated to use Proton Perdana Executives. The only exception is the Chief Minister of Sarawak,[Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is driven in a bullet proof Rolls-Royce bearing Ketua Menteri Sarawak (Chief Minister of Sarawak) plates. The Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7 Series are also commonly seen as optional cars transporting Chief Ministers. In July 2008, claims of unreliability were brought forward against the Perdanas by the Terengganu state government, which opted to replace its fleet of Proton Perdanas with Mercedes-Benz E200K as the Perdanas were prone to breakdowns, but later considered auctioning the cars away. The Perak state government followed suit in December 2008 by purchasing 16 Toyota Camrys to replace its fleet of Perdanas, and recently the state of Sabah has also purchased 12 Volvo S80s, but the Perdana's will still be in use by lower ranked officials.