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State Limousine

(insert Presidential Seal/Coat of Arms/Standard here)


The official presidential vehicle in Chile is a black Ford Galaxie XL Convertible, purchased in 1966. It is only used to for official ceremonies celebrating national days on May 21, September 18 and September 19. It has a normal license plate (EL-2801).<ref>Template:Citation/core{{#if:|}}</ref>

For daily transport the president was previously driven in a Lincoln Town Car, but President Michelle Bachelet now uses a 2008-model armoured Peugeot 607 saloon.

Her motorcade is often seen driving 2006 Audí's A4 and A6s. Various 2007 Dodge Durango's also compose the presidential motorcade.

President Bachelet is also often seen in her own Suzuki Grand Vitara model, driving her daughters to school.


Peugeot 607