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State Limousine

Can seal.jpg


The Governor General of Canada is driven in a Lincoln Town Car bearing the flag of the office on the right hand fender. The Governor General also has a Cadillac stretch limousine at his/her disposal.

The Prime Minister of Canada is driven in a motorcade of seven cars or more, usually including a Chevrolet Tahoe and a Chevrolet Express. The motorcade is adjusted for certain public events, such as Canada Day celebrations as seen fit by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Prime Minister rides in an armoured long-wheelbase Cadillac DeVille and the lead car is a Chrysler 300 a Dodge Charger or a Mercury Grand Marquis. The prime minister is also eligible to use the Governor General's Cadillac stretch limousine at various times; incumbent prime minister Stephen Harper was seen using the limousine as part of his extensive motorcade during the 2008 election.


Lincoln Town Car