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2008 Scion xB

The Scion xB is a small wagon from Toyota's "youth brand", Scion. The xB first debuted in Japan, where it is known as the Toyota bB. It is based on the Toyota Yaris platform and gets excellent gas mileage.

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Recent Changes

  • LA Show 2010: Scion Unveils New xB RS 8.0 Special. Limited to 2,000 units, pricing is set at $18,405 for the manual and $19,355 for the automatic. [1]
  • For 2011, the xB receives its first mid-cycle facelift. Besides the fascia nip and tuck, the interior also gets upgrades in the form of front seats with more bolstering, new center console w/ even more clever storage solutions, a sliding armrest, and tilt and telescope adjustments for the steering wheel. Going back outside, the 2011 xB will be offered with two new colours: Army Rock and Elusive Blue. Prices start at $16,000 for the manual and $16,950 for the slushbox.[2]
  • For 2008 the xB has got a complete overhaul adding 600 Pounds and a 2.4L I-4 with 158 bhp besides revised styling.
  • The Scion xB was introduced in 2004 and has undergone few exterior changes since then. For 2006, the audio system has received the most noticeable upgrade, with the inclusion of a Pioneer stereo and iPod connectivity.
  • For the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, Scion has unveiled another limited edition "Release Series" xB dubbed the Release Series 6.0. Only 2500 copies will be made of the 6.0 which adds an additional $1,743 to the xB's list price. What you get is a unique paint called "Absolutely Red", redesigned front grille and wheel covers, Pioneer Audio Visual Navigation system, red accents on various trim pieces and seat fabric and four-color interior lighting. [3]

Styles and Major Options

2007 xB silverdrivingleft.jpg

Scion has made a reputation of its customizability, and the xB is no different. Although only one base model exists, available options are plentiful for mixing and matching. The engine is a 1.5L 103hp I-4, and front wheel drive and a 5-speed manual transmission are both standard. There is an option for a 4-speed automatic transmission. Toyota/scion dealerships offered a number of factory installed (warrantied) options, which included suspension, a supercharger, and body add ons. Some of the standard features on the base model include the following:

  • 15" black steel wheels
  • 4-way sports seats
  • Cloth interior, door trim, and headliner
  • Metal-look dashboard insert
  • Manual front air conditioning
  • 6-speaker Pioneer AM/FM/MP3/CD audio system
  • First aid kit
  • Power locks, windows, mirrors


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Manual Auto Trim3 Trim4
$16000 $16950 $Price3 $Price4
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4

Gas Mileage

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As seen on the website, the City/Highway MPG averages are as follows:

Manual Auto Trim3 Trim4
30/33 30/34 c/h c/h

Engine and Transmission

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Although the xB has only been out for a few years, the 2004 xB received an overall Green rating from Automotive Information Systems, indicating that it experienced minimal problems in all categories. And Consumer Reports gave both the 2004 and 2008 xBs overall well above average ratings in the New Car Issue.


The NHTSA website categorizes crash test results for all Scion vehicles under Toyota and lists four stars for both the driver and passenger in the frontal impact test for the xB. In the side impact test, it lists three stars for the front seat and four for the rear for the 2006 xB. Earlier year models were not tested. According to, the xB ranks 8th in the Compact Car category for safety. Unfortunately, this ranking is compromised by the fact that, due to several ties at higher ranks, the xB is actually listed behind a total of 31 other vehicles.

Standard safety features include:



A full list of colors for the Scion xB is viewable at Some of the available combinations are:


  • Black Cherry Pearl
  • Black Sand Pearl
  • Camouflage Metallic
  • Envy Green
  • Polar White
  • Salsa Red Pearl
  • Shadow Mica
  • Thunder Cloud Metallic
  • Army Rock
  • Elusive Blue
2007 xB silverright.jpg


  • Dark Charcoal

Main Competitors

Release series vehicles


  • xB RS 1.0 only available in Hot Lava Orange with 2100 units produced (504 units w/5spd, 1596 units w/automatic).


  • xB RS 2.0 only available in Solar Yellow with 2500 units produced).


  • xB RS 3.0 only available in Envy Green with 2200 units produced)
  • xB RS 4.0 only available in Maziora Torched Penny (polarized goldish-brown) with 2500 units produced).


  • xB RS 5.0 only available in Gold Rush Mica with 2500 units produced (First RS Scion other than the tC to have a sunroof).

Hybrid Models

There are currently no hybrid models of the xB in production.

Unique Attributes

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Resale Values

According to Kelley Blue Book, "the xB is expected to retain a good portion of its value, with a projected 66-percent residual value at 24 months and an impressive 51-percent residual at 48 months."

<MODEL> Year
Year X Year X-2 Year X-3 Year X-4
Resale Value
$ $ $ $


  • "The automatic transmission downshifted constantly on hilly terrain, upshifting soon after, then downshifting again for more power. Like an old VW microbus, acceleration is a relative term." -
  • "About the only reason not to like the xB is if its styling turns you off." - Kelley Blue Book

Previous Generation: (2004 – 2006)

The xB was one of two models in the lineup of Toyota's US-exclusive Scion division present at the brand's 2004 launch (the other was the xA, based on the Toyota iSt). Both cars featured the 1NZ-FE engine, rated at 108 hp (81 kW) at 6,000 rpm and 105 lb-ft of torque at 4,200 rpm. Although Toyota expected the xA to sell better than the xB, the reverse was true, with the xB outselling its brother 2 to 1, possibly due to the xB's radical styling and its unique combination of van-like cargo and passenger space with a very compact size.


Differences between the xB and the bB

Besides the obvious change from right to left-hand drive, the front passenger area has changed significantly. The bB has a front bench seat and a column-mounted shifter for the automatic transmission. The xB, on the other hand, has 2 front bucket seats and a shifter mounted on the floor.

The available drivetrains also differ. The bB is available with either the 1.3 L 2NZ-FE engine or the 1.5 L 1NZ-FE, mated exclusively to a 4-speed automatic transmission, with available all-wheel drive. The xB is only available with the 1NZ-FE, but offers both a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission. All-wheel drive is not offered on the xB.

Toyota Corolla Rumion

In the Japanese Domestic Market, the Scion xB is know as the Toyota Corolla Rumion. It is similar to the xB save for a different front end design.[4]

Design quirks and oddities

The Transformer Alternator/Binaltech toy Skids transforms into a Scion xB. In Japan, he was repainted into Broadblaster (Blaster).


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