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The Saturn Aura Green Line

Following in the footsteps of the Saturn VUE Green Line, the Aura Green Line will feature the same 2.4L inline-4 and will be the first production hybrid passenger car for General Motors, however will not be available to consumers until early 2007 as a 2008 model.

Saturn launched the 2007 Aura at the New York International Auto Show to rave reviews. The announcement that the same vehicle will be produced as a hybrid model is a giant step for the company. Until now, GM has only focused on hybrid technology in trucks and buses.

Early reports indicate that GM will likely use their belt alternator starter (BAS) hybrid system coupled with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), similar to what is available currently for the Saturn VUE Green Line.

The BAS system combines engine controls with a precision electric motor/generator, providing an estimated fuel economy savings of 10-15 percent. This system is widely known as a mild hybrid. If successful, the system could be readily available on other mid-size car models as demand warrants. Since the Aura shares it's Epsilon platform with the Chevy Malibu, GM has speculated that car will also receive hybrid trimmings. See WikiCars' Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

General Motors Corporation is using the BAS-based Green Line hybrid system to try to deliver a simple hybrid architecture flexible enough and at a low enough cost to use on a global scale.

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Pricing is speculated to remain close to the 2007 Saturn Aura with a slight premium for the hybrid technology. It would not be unreasonable to expect the Saturn Aura Green Line to have an MSRP between $21,000 and $26,000 depending on trim level.

Gas Mileage

It is estimated that the Saturn Aura Green Line will achieve 12-15 percent greater fuel economy over the non-hybrid version, which is not currently rated by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA.

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