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Saab 9-5
aka Type aka here, not up there
Production 1997 - present
Class Large family
Body Style 4 dr Sedan
5 dr Wagon
Length length - type here
Width Width - type here
Height Height - type here
Wheelbase wheelbase - type here
Weight Weight - you get the point
Transmission 5 speed Manual
5 speed Automatic, FWD
Engine 1.9L TiD
2.0L 4 cylinder Turbo (B205)
2.3L 4 cylinder Turbo (B235)
Power N/A hp @ N/A rpm
N/A lb-ft of torque @ N/A rpm
Similar Volvo S80
Designer Designer (lead designer if it was a team effort)

The Saab 9-5 is an automobile made by Saab. It was introduced in 1997 as the replacement to the Saab 9000. The 1999 model year 9-5 replaced the 9000 in the spring of 1998. The sedan's cd value is 0.29. There is also a station wagon version with a drag coefficient of 0.31, which was introduced in 2000.

The high powered version of the 9-5 is the called Aero, the current form producing 260 hp ECE (194 kW) and 350 N·m (258 ft·lbf) of torque (370 N·m or 273 ft·lbf with 20 second overboost function). Hirsch Performance, a tuner specialising in Saab models, can increase this to a maximum of 305 hp ECE (224 kW). The 9-5 Aero has a 0-60 time in the mid-sixes.

The Saab 9-5 continued Saab's long-running tradition of offering a plethora of safety features, and pioneered the availability of ventilated seats with active headrests (SAHR, Saab Active Head Restraints) that moved up and forward to prevent whiplash when the car is struck from the rear.

The 9-5 is powered by Saab's B205 and B235 straight-4 engines, and in Europe by Isuzu's DMAX Diesel V6. A version of the GM 54° V6 powered by a low-pressure turbocharger was available from 1999-2002. This engine was available only with an automatic transmission, and cars with this engine installed are distinguishable by their twin tailpipes.

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Recent Changes

  • In 2005, an updated version of the 2.0 L turbocharged I4 was introduced in the European market together with the 2006 9-5. The engine is sold as 2.0t BioPower, and it is optimized to run on E85 producing 132 kW (180 hp) at 5500 rpm. Meanwhile, the base 2.3 L turbo-charged straight-4 was bumped to 260 hp, up from 185. With this new engine, the cheapest new 9-5 available in the US is now faster and more powerful than last year's 250 hp Aero.
  • Badged as a 95, Saab consistently advertises it as the 9-5. The name is pronounced "nine five" rather than "ninety five". This model should not be confused with the Saab 95, produced from 1959 to 1978.


  • The 9-5 will be replaced by a new model based on GM's Epsilon 2 platform, shared with the next generation 9-3.
  • For 2007, the european market gets the Saab 9-5 Nordic Edition: an uprated version of the Vector sedan and wagon. Among its enhancements include Leather covering the entire interior, a better audio system, special metallic trim and an electrochromic rearview mirror, New 17-inch alloys, matte finish roof rails and two new exterior colors; Pepper Green & Snow Silver. [1][2]
  • A sketch leaked from a Saab owners event in August 2008 reveals a possible early look at the next generation Saab 9-5.


  • At the Detroit Auto Show, Saab unveiled a limited edition variant of the 11 yr. old 9-5 dubbed the 9-5 Griffin. The Griffin will be distinct from the rest of the range mainly via cosmetic changes and equipment upgrades but, more importantly, by Saab's 2.3 litre four-pot which produces 260 hp and managed via five-speed manual or automatic. The car goes on sale in January 2009 and prices start at $42,775 for the sedan and $ 44,045 for the SportCombi. [3]

Styles and Major Options


The current (2006) range of engines.

Model Fuel Engine Vol, cc Type Power,
kW (PS) @ rpm
Nm @ rpm
1.9 TiD Diesel 1910 I4, 16v, turbo 110 (150) @ 4000 320 @ 2000
2.0t Petrol B205 1985 I4, 16v, turbo 110 (150) @ 5500 240 @ 1800
2.0t BioPower E85/petrol B205 1985 I4, 16v, turbo 132 (180) @ 5500 280 @ 1800
2.3t Petrol B235 2290 I4, 16v, turbo 136 (185) @ 5500 280 @ 1800
2.3T Petrol B235 2290 I4, 16v, turbo 162 (220) @ 5500 310 @ 2500
2.3 Turbo Petrol B235 2290 I4, 16v, turbo 191 (260) @ 5300 350 @ 1900


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Trim1 Trim2 Trim3 Trim4
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4

Gas Mileage

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Trim1 Trim2 Trim3 Trim4
c/h c/h c/h c/h

Engine and Transmission


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  • Snow Silver
  • Jet Black

Main Competitors

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Unique Attributes

  • The ignition is located in the middle between the passenger and driver's seats due to the fact that in many accidents the drivers knees would come in contact with the key and it would shatter their kneecaps


Saab-9-5-leaked2-large 08small.jpg

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With the new model, the cabin is bigger giving more leg and shoulder room particularly at the back. The dashboard is driver-focused and cockpit designed to keep up Saab's reputationof building fine aircrafts. The key start is replaced with a stop/start button located next to the gear lever.

Resale Values

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<MODEL> Year
Year X Year X-2 Year X-3 Year X-4
Resale Value
$ $ $ $


"Ethanol is stupid. Litre for litre, it contains only two-thrids the energy of petrol while increasing fuel consumption. Tat's something the advocates never mention. Another thing they don't discuss is the sustainable fossil fuel energy required to make ethanol. Plus there's not enought arable land in Australia to supply our road transport energy needs (not to mention there would be the small problem of nothing to eat!). The so-called second-generation non-food-crop feedstocks currently under development pose biosecurity risks. Except from the perspective of some farmers and the companies that make the stuff, ethanol is a dumb choice. And because it encourages burning ethanol, the Saab 9-5 BioPower is just plain stupid, too." Wheels Magazine


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Current Generation: (2010–present)

Saab-9-5-leaked2-large 02small.jpg

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This generation 9-5 is a long awaiting model after 12 years in production. Revealed at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, this car is the new era for Saab after Koenigsegg bought the brand from the struggling General Motors as it went under Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the 9-5 is the most crucial model to pave through future models.

The 9-5 engines are refreshed and all come with new 6 speed Automatics driving the front wheels or all wheels. The XWD system features eLSD limited slp differentials that will limit wheelspin and loss of traction and will be powered by the top of the range V6 Turbo. For standard equipment, the 9-5 gets adaptive bi-xenon headlights, adaptive cruise control, adaptive chassis tuning, keyless entry and starting, dual-zone climate control air conditioning and dynamic parking assistance.

The styling of the 9-5 is inspired by the Aero X concept car and features many design cues from other Saabs such as the "disguised" windshield and side A-pillars in the Saab 900. Other than that, the design features a deep grille flanked with curving eyebrow headlights, a hockey stick beltline, thick C-pillars and the roofline that flows into the boot.

First Generation/Origins (1997–2009)

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Design quirks and oddities

In 2007, the BioPower 9-5 underwent trials in Queensland, Australia confirmed as Sir Richard Branson took delivery of similar vehicles in Europe commiting to profits from Branson's Virgin companies into alternative fuels. After the trials, a fleet of 9-5 BioPowers were imported.



  • Best used car, US Consumer Reports magazine, USA
  • Recommended buy, US Consumer Reports magazine, USA
  • Saab 9-5 Sedan topped the luxury mid-size category, for relative frequency of injury insurance claims in the US. HLDI's study, covering model years 2001-2003, compares cars on the basis of cost of injuries sustained following on-road crashes. The study indicates the relative frequencies of injury compensation claims from an insurance company, per insured vehicle year. Both the 9-5 Sedan and Wagon achieved a rating of "substantially better than average" for injury claims in the luxury mid-size category. According to the HLDI formula, the Saab 9-5 Sedan's top ranking for injury claims is 53 percent better than average, and the Saab 9-5 Wagon's ranking is 39 percent better than average.


  • Awarded maximum five star rating in EuroNCAP collision test, Saab 9-5, EuroNCAP
  • The Safest Car in Sweden, Saab 9-5, Folksam insurance company, Sweden


  • The Safest Car in Sweden, Saab 9-5, Folksam insurance company, Sweden
  • Best of the Best, Saab 9-5, American Consumer Reports magazine, USA
  • Best in Class, Saab 9-5 Aero (in the USD 30.000-40.000 range), Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, USA


  • Best Mid Luxury Car 2001 in Initial Quality. J.D. Power and Associates, USA.
  • Best Car 2001 Saab 9-5 Wagon (in class USD 30,000-35,000). American Automobile Association, USA.
  • Best Engine Concept 2001, Saab Variable Compression (SVC), International Engine of the year Award


  • Best Technology / Innovation 2000 (SVC). Autocar Magazine, Great Britain.
  • Best of the new from Car Technology 2000 (SVC). Popular Science


  • Best Buy 1999, Saab 9-5 Sedan and Wagon. Consumers Digest, USA.
  • Estate Car of the Year 1999, Saab 9-5 Wagon. What Car? Magazine, Great Britain.
  • Excellent Swedish Design Prize 1999, Saab 9-5 Wagon. Swedish Soceity of Crafts and Design
  • Top Car Saab 9-5 Wagon for its balance of performance, quality and value. American Automobile Association, USA.


  • Executive Car of the year Diário de Noticias, Portugal
  • Among Top Ten Luxury / Sports Sedans Consumer's Review, USA
  • Best estate model Over £20,000 - IBCAM British Steel Awards, Great Britain
  • Best imported upper middle - segment car Auto Motor und Sport magazine reader's poll, Germany
  • Golden Tachometer As best Sedan -, USA.
  • Luxury Car of the Year New Zealand National Business Review, New Zealand
  • Best saloon model Priced £30,000 - £60,000 IBCAM British Steel Awards, Great Britain
  • Best Buy Consumers Digest, USA


  • Technology Award for the Saab Active Head Restraint - Prince Michael Road Safety Awards, Great Britain
  • Industry Award For the Saab Active Head Restraint - The Windscreens O'Brian Safety Award, Australia


  • Special Prize for the Saab Active Head Restraint - The Danish Association of Polio, Traffic and Accident Victims (PTU), Denmark

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