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Land Rover Tangi
Land Rover
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The Land Rover Tangi is an armoured car used in Northern Ireland. They are used by the PSNI. A similar model is called the Hotspur, used by the British Army.

Based on the Land Rover, the Tangi can trace it roots back to the Shorland armoured car. After the 1970s, it was decided that the Shorland with its machine gun turret was too provocative for long-term use on the streets of Belfast. So armoured Land Rovers based on the Series 3 109 Model were used. Over the years with the need for increased protection the design was evolved using the new Land Rover Defender 110 Chassis. The latest evolution of the design was the introduction of the Tangi.

Known locally as a "meat wagon", the vehicles are synonymous with Northern Ireland's Troubles. At the height of the Troubles the vehicles were essential for patrolling across Northern Ireland. At this time they were painted a plain grey. A number of people were killed after being hit by the vehicles during the Troubles, usually in riot situations.<ref>CAIN</ref>

Since the Good Friday Agreement and the resulting peace, the vehicles are largely used for crowd control, particularly during contested Orange Order parades. The vehicles are now painted in white, yellow and blue battenburg pattern, as seen on the majority of police vehicles throughout the United Kingdom.

More than half of the former RUC (now PSNI) fleet of 450 armoured Land Rovers were decommissioned under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement - a number came back to the mainland to be refurbished and distributed among UK forces. For instance, they are now in use with the West Yorkshire and North Wales police services.<ref></ref><ref></ref>

The vehicle has become popular with collectors. Diecast models and artwork of the vehicles are available.



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