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Hummer H4
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The Hummer H4 is a proposed SUV reportedly in development by the General Motors Hummer division. GM may have a finished model to introduce to the market in 2009. The development on new Hummer models so far has been towards SUVs that are more suitable for city traffic, a development which culminated in the Hummer H3. However, the H4 is likely to be more basic, and the focus is once again on off-road ability.

The H4 will likely be smaller than the three previous Hummers (including the no longer in production H1) and is reportedly conceived to compete with the Jeep Wrangler. The design and look of the H4 has not yet been decided as GM is still deciding on what platform to build the H4. It is, however, likely that the H4 will use a shortened version of the platform currently used by the H3.

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