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Mercury Sable A Full-Size Luxury Sedan

A full-size car is a marketing term used in North America for an automobile larger than Mid-Size Cars. The American EPA uses "large car" to denote full-size cars.

Full-size is defined in measurement as greater than 120ft of interior volume. Previously, a wheelbase greater than 110 Inches was the criterion. The term first appeared in the early 1960's to define what also became known as "standard" size cars from the new compact and intermediate models then being introduced.

Due to the growing length of wheelbases among mid-size luxury sedan, however, the overall length of the vehicles has become another factor to take into account as well. Full-size cars should therefore also feature an overall length of more than 197 Inches.

Current full-size cars

Recent full-size cars

The Mercury Montego a recently Discontinued Full-size Sedan