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Chev minicar01.jpg
Chevrolet Trax Concept
Production No intent to Produce
Class Subcompact
Body Style 5 Door Hatch
Length 143.3 in
Width 63.0 in
Height 59.0 in
Wheelbase 93.5 in
Weight N/A
Transmission N/A
Engine 1.0L V4
Power N/A
Similar Honda Fit

Chevrolet Aveo

Designer N/A


The Chevrolet Trax is one of the three chevrolet sub compact concept cars shown together and voted apon to attempt to create a popular urban city car that the people actually wanted although the Trax lost it is still recognized as a concept in Europe. The Trax looks like a mini SUV, which Chevy thinks will enhance its sporty-lifestyle appeal. In fact, Chevy says Trax aims at "active urban city dwellers who like to go off-road on the weekends." The Trax was showcased alongside the Beat/Spark in Transformers 2: The Revenge Of The Fallen.