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392 HEMI
Manufacturer Chrysler
aka Type aka here, not up there
Type Gasoline (Petrol)
Production/Introduction produced/introduced from when to when
Status Discontinued
Displacement 392 cu-in.
Aspiration naturally aspirated
Configuration V
Cylinders 8
Fuel System 4V Carburetor
Lubrification indicate the engine's type of lubrification
Output 345 hp @ 4600 rpm
450 lb-ft. of torque @ 2800 rpm
Bore 4.0000 in
Stroke 3.906 in
Compression 10.0:1
In. Valves 2.00 in
Ex. Valves 1.75 in
Firing Order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
Left Bank 1-3-5-7
Right Bank 2-4-6-8
Length in inches
Diameter in inches
Width in inches
Height in inches
Dry Weight 767 lb
Fuel Consumption city/highway (mpg & km/L)
Emission/s CO: g/km
CO2: g/km
NOx: g/km
Hydrocarbon: g/km
Particulate: g/km
Chief Engineer write here

The original 392 HEMI engine was introduced in the new 1957 model year Chryslers and Imperials. It replaced the 354 cubic-inch version of the original HEMI launched in 1951.

Compared with the 354, the 392 was completely revised and improved, with larger valves and ports, a beefier block and crankshaft, and improved bearings. In short, the 392 HEMI, often referred to simply as the “92,” was perfect for drag racing.

More than a few racers bolted on six or eight carburetors, slipped in a hotter cam, tipped some nitro into the tank and went racing. Racing legend Don Garlits ran a 392 in his Swamp Rat I at record speeds of over 180 mph on nitro with no supercharger. Garlits also used a 392 HEMI to officially break the 200-mph barrier when his Swamp Rat went 201.34 mph at Atco, N.J. in 1964.


Unique Attributes


Biggest complaint- there's nothing to put them into.

There's no standard chassis to bolt a 392 Hemi into and actually drive on the street, except for the huge land yachts it came in originally in 1957-58. These engines look out of place in a 1960-70's musclecar. They look good in a 1930's-early 50's street rod, rat rod, or dragster/rail.

It makes no sense to put a 392 Hemi in a Challenger or Roadrunner, they just don't look right in the car, and a 440 would run better and make more power.


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