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Hey there, Argen. Welcome to Wikicars! My name is Nidhi and I'm one of the site administrators for Wikicars.org. Thanks for contributing. Please see our FAQ section or send me a message if you have questions on how to start a page or just want to find out more on expanding the Wikicars' project.

Copyright Policy

Thanks, Argen. I hadn't realized that there was no copyright policy listed in our Disclaimers. We'll be sure to add to it so that there is no confusion. =)

So far, we’ve uploaded a number of pictures directly from the manufacturer websites and CarsDirect, a handful of older model pictures from Wikipedia and a few users have uploaded some of their own pictures. Try Wikipedia or other wiki sites that follow the GNU Free Documentation License for older model pictures.

-Nidhi 19:20, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

Cool Start on Classic Cars

Great pass at the classic cars page! Keep it up!