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| colspan=2 style="padding:0; background:#996; color:#fff; border-bottom:1px solid #999;" | [[Image:Quattro.jpg|300px]]
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! colspan=2 | '''PNiddy'''
! colspan=2 style="text-align:center; font-weight:normal; background:#ddb;" | [[Wikicars:Administrators|Admin (Bureaucrat)(Sysop)]]
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| Join Date
| '''1 June 2006'''
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| Date I became an [[Wikicars:Administrators|administrator]]
| '''1 July 2006 '''
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| Location
| '''California, USA'''
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| Gender
| Female
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| Current Project(s)
| Daily Spam Filters, Portals for Exotics, Classics & Vinatge, & Community Project
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| Contact Me:
| [mailto:[email protected] Email me], [[User talk:PNiddy|"Talk" to me]]
My name is Nidhi and I am an editor at []. I first delved into Wikicars in May of 2006 when we were planning what the site would look like, and I fell head-over-heels in love with it. I'm an avid car fan, and I attend the [[Los Angeles Auto Show|LA International Auto Show]] every year. I'm a member of the [ Motor Press Guild] and an automotive enthusiast, through and through. Being in the industry, I hope to be a large help here. My favorite car of all time is the [[Hummer H1]] and I even shed tears when it went out of production this past summer. What can I say? [[Hybrid Cars|Hybrids]] are the wave of the future, and perhaps I too, will steer away from the unique [[Hummer H1|H1's]] of the world and get a ubiquitous [[Toyota Prius|Prius]] instead!
===Hey dude I hate you i havent put any spam on your flipping webpage
===Hey dude I hate you i havent put any spam on your flipping webpage

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===Hey dude I hate you i havent put any spam on your flipping webpage