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Triumph TR4 Brochure.jpg
Triumph TR4
aka "Zest" (codename)
Production 1961-1965
Class Sports Car
Body Style 2-Door Convertible
Engine 2138 cc I-4
Designer Giovanni Michelotti

The Triumph TR4 was a sports car manufactured by Standard-Triumph as a replacement for the previous Triumph sports car, the Triumph TR3. The TR4 was a break away from the very rugged previous TRs by being more comfortable and having more standrad amenities to help it compete with rivals in the American market. Some of the new amenities were things such as, wind-down windows, a much larger trunk, wider front and rear tracks, and rack and pinion steering.

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  • Spa White
  • Powder Blue
  • British Racing green
  • Black
  • Signal Red
  • Velasquez Cream
  • New White
  • Wedgwood Blue
  • Triumph Racing Green

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GTR4 Dove

GTR4 Dove

The GTR4 Dove was essentially a Triumph TR4 coupe-style fixed roof, similar to the later MGB GT. The vehicles were first made in 1961 by London Standard-Triumph distributors L.F. Dove of Wimbledon who contracted the coachbuilder Harrington to carry out the conversions. With the addition of the roof, the GTR4s weighed about 500lbs. more than the standard TR4.

The GTR4 was mechanically similar to the TR4, but a number of small alterations were made. The Dove had overdrive as standard and also had a new fuel tank that held 15 gallons. Thanks to a more balanced engine, the Dove had a fuel consumption rate of about 25-30 mpg, compared to the typical 23 mpg for a TR4.


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Design quirks and oddities

Triumphs were shipped to North America without external mirrors; consequently, any mirror found on a Triumph would have been a dealer / owner-installed item.


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