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The best reasons to buy a hybrid:

A vast majority of scientists believe that there is a link between fossil fuel consumption and global warming.

1. Save Gas. Hybrids save gasoline and they let drivers feel good everytime they fill up. By mastering driving techniques, some hypermilers achieve in excess of 50 mpg in regular, daily use.

2. Reduce Oil Dependency. Hybrid cars generally achieve 15% to 50% higher fuel efficiency. Less gas means less oil. Demand for oil is related to a lot of things including tax dollars, political instability and wars.

3. Pollute Less. Hybrid cars reduce smog and noise pollution. They produce up to 90% fewer emissions depending upon the type of hybrid and fuel. In pure electric mode and at stoplights, hybrids produce 0% emissions. Electric motors are quiet and free from vibration for a smoother, quieter ride.

4. Support Future Hybrid Development. Every hybrid car sale expands the market, encouraging further investments by automakers in developing hybrid technology and lower manufacturing costs. Toyota's goal is to cut the hybrid premium by 50% in the next few years. These investments lower future prices of hybrid cars, creating a virtuous circle. In fact, the premium configurations, dealer markups and high demand has led every car maker to realize they have to have a hybrid, no matter how weak or strong, in their inventory.

5. Lifetime Savings Resale value is much higher, the Toyota Prius is ranked No. 1. Insurance is 10% cheaper. Gas is 10-50% less. Maintenance is comparable as these cars are very well made. Brakes last much longer because wear is reduced by regenerative electric charging. Faster and cheaper commutes. Free tolls and parking. Lower income and sales taxes.

7. Special Priviledges. In states such as California, Arizona and Virginia, some hybrids qualify for single-occupant use in carpool lanes. Some bridges let hybrids through for free during certain times. Many cities and some countries in Europe extend free parking to hybrid drivers.

8. Halo Effect The success of hybrids has made car makers improve efficiency of all vehicles, not just hybrids. This is called a halo effect on fleet effiency.

9. National Security. Reduced oil consumption lowers the trade deficit and decreases funding to oil-exporting countries that poor human rights records and/or fund terrorism. Less foreign oil means more dollars for American jobs. If you buy hybrids Made in the USA like the Ford Escape Hybrid, you're supporting more American jobs.

10. Image. Show the world that you care, just like shopping at Whole Paycheck and bringing your own recycled grocery bag. Better than recycling because you save money every time you visit the gas station. Be a role model to future generations, showing them that you care about your grandkids.

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