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*[ Frankfurt Show: Smart Fortwo Edition Micro Hybrid Drive]
*[ Frankfurt Show: Smart Fortwo Edition Micro Hybrid Drive]
*[ Smart ForTwo supermini scores 4-star rating in Euro NCAP crash test]
*[ Smart ForTwo supermini scores 4-star rating in Euro NCAP crash test]
*[ smart fortwo Limited 2 on sale this September]
[[Category:Current Models]]
[[Category:Current Models]]

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smart fortwo
Smart fortwo
aka City Coupe
Production 1998-present
Class Microcar
Body Style 3-door hatchback

2-door convertible

Length 8.8 ft
Width 5.1 ft
Height 5.1 ft
Wheelbase 73.5 in
Weight 1,808 (coupe), 1,852 (cabrio)
Transmission Automated Manual (5 speed)
Engine 3 cylinder, 1 liter
Power 71 hp, torque- 68 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm
Similar similar (competition)
Designer Swatch & Mercedes

The Fortwo is the original Smart model that was launched in 1998 throughout Europe as the City Coupe. The name Fortwo was introduced when Smart began to produce new models.

On June 28, 2006, DaimlerChrysler confirmed that retailer UnitedAuto Group "will be responsible for awarding potential dealerships and developing and maintaining a Smart vehicle dealership network throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico."

It will make its US debut in early 2008. Deposits for delivery are being accepted at SmartUSA.

Recent Changes

  • A major redesign is in the works for the 2007 model year. While not yet released publically, it is known that the car's length is being increased by some margin to meet US safety standards. However, it has been proven that the new European version is actually about as safe as a Mercedes-Benz.
  • For 2008, both Coupe and Cabrio versions of the fortwo will be offered in two new Brabus trims, the basic Brabus and the Brabus Xclusive. Both are equipped with a turbocharged 1.0 litre three-cylinder engine developing 72 kW/98 bhp / 97 Hp at 5500 rpm, allowing the fortwo Brabi to sprint from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 9.9 sec and reach a governed top speed of 155 km/h. The Xclusive further boasts additional standard equipment like a front spoiler with enlarged air inlets, a special rear apron and heated, leather sport seats. Prices are estimated to be around UD$22,500 to US$30,600.

Styles and Major Options

Instead of trims or styles, fortwo has three 'design lines': Pure, Pulse, and Passion.

The Pure is the basic model, providing a basic configuration and minimal extras. It is the least expensive of the three.

The Pulse is a sportier model, including leather steering wheels, the unique 'alien eyes' tachometer and clock, alloy wheels, and sportier interior.

The Passion is considered the luxury line, with air conditioning, electric mirrors, and other speciality options.

A cabriolet verison is available.


Since the vehicle is not yet available for purchase from dealers in the United States, final pricing remains to be seen.

  • Roughly:
  • Pure (base): $12,000
  • Passion: $14,000
  • Convertible: $17,000

Gas Mileage

US EPA rates the Smart Fortwo at 33 mpg city and 41 mpg highway according to 2008 testing procedures. 2007 estimates were 40 mpg city and 45 mpg highway. However, by European measures, the Smart is considered particularly fuel efficient, averaging 50 mpg for the gasoline model and 69 mpg for the Diesel.


The fortwo's Mercedes Benz heritage comes through here, earning the car high marks for reliablility in Europe, Japan, and Canada.


The fortwo's tridion safety shell makes all the difference.
Smart fortwo ncap main01.jpg

Probably the biggest concern about the smart car people express is the issue of safety. In the US, 'bigger is better' is the normal rule-of-thumb when it comes to deciding which vehicle is safest. With the fortwo, that rule fast becomes becomes roadkill.

The secret to this vehicles safety rating comes from its 'Tridion Safety Cell.' This cell is designed to retain its shape in a collision, transfering much of the impact force back to the other vehicle. Also, given its size, the likelihood of striking one of the tires in a collision is high, which means the suspension helps absorb the force of the impact.

To help avoid the crash, the all fortwos come with Electronic Stability Control and Anti-lock brakes as standard features. Dual airbags, self-tensioning seatbelts, knee impact cushions and a collapsible steering column also come standard. Side-impact airbags are available as an option.

US Safety ratings have not yet been set, but in European ratings[1], the fortwo gets a very respectible 3-stars.


Second Generation:

Images from a vehicle in Canada:

Smart Trailer Renderings Released by DCX:


Colors are one aspect of the Smart that is unique. While the vehicle has one primary color, the Tidion shell comes through at points, and has its own base color. In most instances, the shell is black, but in the Passion trim, the shell is also available in silver.

The rest of the vehicle is made up of interchangeable dent-resistant molded plastic panels. Much like the Saturn lineup, these panels are solid colored, which means if they are scratched, the color remains unchanged. The best part is that you can purchase additional panels from the dealer, allowing you to change the color of your car at will.

In addition to the standard colors, smart is known for releasing limited edition colored vehicles, frequently themed to a partner. Some examples are Barbie Pink and iPod white. These limited edition vehicles often have a custom set of interior options, not available any other way.

Main Competitors

In the US, it is tough to define competitors, as there really is nothing specifically that matches up with the smart fortwo. The following are the closest vehicles in size and fuel efficiency.

Hybrid Models

While frequently rumored, there is no official word regarding plans for a hybrid model.

Unique Attributes

Resale Values


Current Generation: (YYYY–present)

Previous Generations

First Generation/Origins


Design quirks and oddities


See also

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