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Rolls-Royce Phantom VI
Production 1968 – 1991
374 produced
Class Exclusive luxury
Body Style
Length 238 in
Wheelbase 145 in
Weight 2.5 tons
Transmission 3-speed automatic
4-speed automatic
Engine 6.2 litre V8
6.75 litre V8

The Phantom VI was an ultra-exclusive Rolls-Royce model from the 1970s and 1980s produced in London at Mulliner Park Ward. It was made from 1968-1991.

Though it had been expressed that the days of motor cars of the like of the Rolls-Royce Phantom V were undoubtedly numbered, in 1968 Rolls-Royce launched the Phantom VI as a logical progression keeping up the high standards set in the past. The Phantom VI had a re-styled facia and was powered by an engine developed from that of the current Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. An increase in capacity to 6,750 cc in 1979 was coupled with the introduction of a 3-speed automatic transmission instead of the previously employed 4-speed automatic gearbox. This last specimen of a passenger motor car with separate chassis produced by Rolls-Royce was offered until 1991. The chassis used coil springing all round and the car used drum brakes.

Most of the bodies were by Mulliner Park Ward usually limousines but a few landaulettes were also made.


The Phantom had a 90 degree V8 with a capacity of 6,230 cc with a bore of 104 mm and stroke of 91.5 mm. This was raised in 1982 to 6,750 cc by fitting the engine from the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. Twin SU carburettors were fitted. The car had a 4-speed automatic gearbox (from 1979 a 3-speed automatic gearbox with torque converter became standard).

When production ended 374 had been made.



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