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The Jeep Compass is a compact crossover SUV to be introduced for the 2007 model year. Jeep made its public debut of the Compass at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in January. The Jeep Compass, along with the Patriot will take over from the Jeep Liberty as Jeep's entry-level SUVs, and will be one of Jeep's first crossover SUVs. The Compass will have a base price of $15,985 in the United States market. The first Compass was produced on May 30, 2006.

The Compass and Patriot are both based on the DaimlerChrysler/Mitsubishi GS platform. These vehicles will be differentiated by their styling and marketing: The Patriot is a traditional 4-door Jeep wagon, while the Compass is intended as a sporty "hot hatch" crossover like the Toyota Matrix. The Dodge Caliber, also based on the GS platform, is a combination of these two segments.

It will use a 172 hp (128 kW) 2.4 L GEMA I4 gasoline engine and might also get a 2.0 L Volkswagen-designed diesel engine for the European market. The car will also feature an electronically-controlled all wheel drive system with variable torque between speeds of 25 and 65 mph for optimal handling. The Compass will be the first Jeep offered in many years that doesn't feature "trail rated" models, ie. stock models that can traverse the Rubicon Trail without modifications. Since the similar Dodge Caliber debuted with an Street and Racing Technology (SRT) treatment, the Compass is expected to get the SRT treatment, possibly in 2007.