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Hyundai Avega is a subcompact hacthback.Not to be confused with Hyundai Accent,Avega is the successor of Hyundai Accent in certain countries.

First Generation (2008-present)

As the successor of Hyundai Accent,Hyundai named this car Avega,instead of keeping the Accent name.The car is a restyled Hyundai Accent,however,it's different form the new Hyundai Accent.The front fascia looks more proportional and elegant than the 2000 Hyundai Accent.Interior color is now full of black,instead of full grey.Ground clearance is lifted to 170mm for adapting on bad roads.Suspension has been tuned to be more rigid for better stability and less body roll.


Based on the Auto Bild Indonesia magazine,the 1.5 Avega can travel 0-100km/h in 12.4 seconds,a fine performance for its budget.

Fuel Consumption

The 1.5 can travel up to 15.2 km/l in the city and 11.1 km/l in the highway.That's very good.

Available trims

Trims in Indonesia includes GX,GL,and SG.SG,the highest trim offers leather seats as standard.


  • Light Green
  • Hip Hop Red
  • Steel Grey
  • Celadon Blue
  • Rich Gold
  • Bright Blue Mica
  • New Polaris Silver
  • Ebony Black

Design Quirks

The rear design often mistaken as a sedan although it's a hatchback.This what makes the Avega so unique.Budget is also the strength.Sometimes this car is classified as sedan due to the rear hatch that look like a sedan.This can be a benefit for those who are looking for an affordable sedan for work.It only weights 978 kg,that's lighter than the Mazda 2.