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* Aptera Concept car: 330 MPG[]
* Aptera Concept car: 330 MPG[]
This is stupid. You can't have a car that gets X number of MPG unless the thing has actually been built. Concept cars shouldn't be listed.
Note: Concept car, not yet built.
[[image:Aptera.jpg|thumb|right|Aptera, Plans for 330 MPG]]
[[image:Aptera.jpg|thumb|right|Aptera, Plans for 330 MPG]]

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Prius Plug-In, 100+ MPG
  • Working prototype: 100 MPG+Plug-in Toyota Prius
    • Aftermarket company for Prius Plug-in [1]
    • CalCars Project[2]
    • Both Toyota's Prius and Honda's Insight are rated in Japan at 40km/l or 95.6 miles/gallon in ultimate conditions. The next generation of the Prius with improved electronics is already earning 40km/l in normal driving

  • Aptera Concept car: 330 MPG[3]

Note: Concept car, not yet built.

Aptera, Plans for 330 MPG

  • The Pac-Car is the world record holder for fuel efficiency, now standing at 5,134 kilometres per litre of petrol. This converts to roughly 14,502 MPG!!!
PAC-Car II with a whopping 14,502 MPG

  • Science competition:3,145 MPG: The winner of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Supermileage Competition achieved an astonishing 3,145 miles per gallon. [4]
(SAE) Supermileage Competition Winner

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