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Edran is a Belgian make of sports cars. The company, founded by André Hanjoul, is established in Leopoldsburg, Belgium.


Edran Cars was founded in 1984. Initially dealing with designing and producing one-off cars lead eventually to the presentation of a nimble mid-engined Edran Spyder. The real thing came through when at the 1994 Brussels Motor show the first Edran Spyder MK I was officially presented in 'world-première'. This 'milestone' was highlighted by Belgian Princess Astrid and Archduke Lorenz who came to visit the Edran booth to screen the new Belgian sports car.

Now, an evident step has been made as all these years of passion, perseverance and perfectionism, experience and know-how were bound to result in a new project - the Edran Enigma - a supercar with a very specific and yet extravagant philosophy: Passion and Beauty.

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