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Aston Martin Cygnet Concept
Aston Martin
aka Toyota iQ
Introduction 2009
Class Concept Car
Body Style 2 dr Coupe
Length 2980 mm
Width Width - type here
Height Height - type here
Wheelbase wheelbase - type here
Weight 800 kg
Transmission transmission + drive
Engine 1 litre 3 cylinder
1.3 litre 4 cylinder
Power 1 Litre

50 kW @ N/A rpm
N/A lb-ft of torque @ N/A rpm

1.3 Litre

72 kW @ N/A rpm
N/A lb-ft of torque @ N/A rpm

Similar similar (competition)
Designer Designer (lead designer if it was a team effort)

The Aston Martin Cygnet is a concept car made by Aston Martin with a joint venture with Toyota in response to tougher emission standards in Europe. The Cygnet is based on the iQ with an emphasis on luxury.

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Unique Attributes

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Many people dislike this car,as they believe that it ruins Aston Martin's image of making expensive grand tourer sportscars.


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Design quirks and oddities

The lowest fuel consumption is 4.3L/100 km along with 99 g/km of emissions


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