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Abarth 750 Bialbero Record
aka Pininfarina Record
Production 1957
Class Land Speed Record Car
Body Style Streamlined One-Seater
Transmission 4-Speed Manual
Engine 747cc Inline-4
Power 61 hp @ 7000 rpm
Designer Pininfarina

The Abarth 750 Bialbero Record was built in 1957 as the next installment in Abarth's line of land speed record cars. Utilizing a Fiat chassis, the vehicle was built by Abarth to debut their new 747cc Bialbero engine. After earlier projects with Bertone, Abarth commissioned Pininfarina to design a sleek aerodynamic body for their record car. After construction, the 750 Bialbero Record was tested at Monza by racing drivers Paul Frère and Marino Guarnieri in October of 1957. There, it set three international speed records in the FIA's class H for lower-displacement engines.


The 750 Bialbero Record used the 747cc engine that was designed by Abarth for use in an upcoming Zagato-bodied road car. Known as the Bialbero, the engine was derived from a stock Fiat 600 engine block. Tuning from Abarth saw horsepower rise from an initial 22 horsepower from the Fiat unit to 61 horsepower in Abarth trim. Ultimately, the 750 Bialbero Record was created as an opportunity for Abarth to gain publicity for their new engine.


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