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The Zastava Skala is a generic name for a family of cars built by Serbian manufacturer Zastava Automobili. It was introduced in 1971 and based on a Fiat 128 sedan platform and sold as Zastava 128 with a restyled rear panel. Later it became available as a 3 or 5-door hatchback, a style that had not been issued in Italy, under the name Zastava 101.

2006 Zastava Skala

The Zastava Skala today only comes in the 101 model. The sole features include cloth upholstery, fan, and more. The Skala could be replaced by a new Zastava sedan that is currently in the works along with Fiat, also known as project "D200."


The hatchback models were very popular in the United Kingdom during the eighties, when they were advertised under the slogan "Go New! Go Yugo!", reflecting the fact that it was the cheapest new car available at that time (In 1984, its basic model costed less than £2,400). In order to avoid rust caused by road gritting, hard PVC coating was used throughout the underside, sills and valances.

They are also still popular in Serbia and in other Balkan countries for car rental companies or those who want inexpensive, budget grade cars.

List of Previous Models part of the Skala family

Many different models were produced. Some of them were no longer called Skala at the time:

  • Sedan (4-door):
    • Zastava 128
    • Yugo 4 Series: 411 (1116cc) / Zastava 413 (1301cc)
  • Hatchback:
    • Zastava 101 or Zastava Skala 101, known in Serbo-Croatian as sto jedan (101), but soon nicknamed Stojadin
    • Zastava 1100 (1116cc): ZLM or Mediteran (3-door), ZLC or Caribean (5-door) and ZLX or Super (5-door)
    • Zastava 1300 (1301cc): ZLM or Mediteran (3-door), ZLC or Caribean (5-door) and ZLX or Super (5-door)
    • Yugo 3 Series: 311 (3-door, 1116cc) / 313 (3-door, 1301cc)
    • Yugo 5 Series: 511 (5-door, 1116cc) / 513 (5-door, 1301cc)
  • Pick-up:
    • Yugo 311 Van
    • Yugo Skala Pick-Up

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