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Ultimate Guide to All Things Automotive
Manufacturer Internet Brands, Inc.
Introduced August 2, 2006
Modifications As Necessary
Major Tune-Ups November 2006, April 2007, June 2007
Horsepower 1711...and growing
Cylinders 10

Three years and almost 5,000 modified, solidified and beautified pages later, Wikicars is celebrating its third birthday!

Wikicars encountered a few speed-bumps at first, but it wasn’t long before this brave little site ran into a few members that really took its goals to heart. Launching with only 600 pages and a handful of members, Wikicars has grown immensely over these last twenty-four months. It wouldn’t be the phenomenon it is today without the help of these loyal contributors and wiki’ing specialists. The visions and ingenuity they had coupled with the sites mission have turned Wikicars into the ultimate, one-stop guide to all makes and models and all things automotive.

To commemorate this milestone, Wikicars' enthusiasts are currently revamping all the pages to match the unique persona that the site has developed. Any and all volunteers to help modify these articles and templates will be greatly appreciated. Please visit Garage Talk to see the latest templates and cast your vote and contact Red_marquis if interested in helping out. Thanks, and Happy Wiki'ing!