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Volvo XC60.jpg
Volvo XC60 Concept
aka Type aka here, not up there
Introduction 2007 NAIAS
Class Concept Car
Body Style 5-door, 5-seat Front-engined Crossover SUV
Length length - type here
Width Width - type here
Height Height - type here
Wheelbase wheelbase - type here
Weight Weight - you get the point
Transmission All-Wheel Drive
Engine 3.2 litre Inline 6
Power N/A hp @ N/A rpm
N/A lb-ft of torque @ N/A rpm
Similar Acura RDX
Audi Q5
Volkswagen Tiguan
Designer under Steve Mattin

The Volvo XC60 is a concept car revealed by Volvo at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. According to Wheels24 the Premier Automotive Group had planned to reveal the compact crossover SUV to the public in late 2006. It is scheduled to go on sale in early 2009 for the 2010 model year. The Volvo would assemble the XC60 with already proven gasoline- and diesel-burning engines. Further, the XC60 would share technology with the next-generation Land Rover Freelander, using a modified version of the Ford C1 platform. It is not to be confused with the very similar Volvo XC50 which was the first name used for the vehicle, but in fact will be called the XC60 when formally released as a production car. It includes a glass roof and a newly styled grille, with a much larger Volvo symbol, new shifting mechanism, mechanical tail gate, and 20 inch rims. [1]


Unique Attributes

  • assembly= Ghent, Belgium
  • platform= P24


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