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Triumph gt6 rear t.jpg
aka Matt
Favorite Makes Alfa Romeo
Favorite Models Opel Manta
Triumph GT6
Mazda RX-3
Alfa Romeo GTV6
Alfa Romeo Montreal

and the list is growing!
Personal Car 1977 Buick Skylark S/R
Favorite Designers Marcello Gandini
Giorgetto Giugiaro
Giovanni Michelotti
William T. Mitchell
Age 20
Nationality American
Time Zone Eastern

I'm Argen and I like unusual cars. I specialize in makes and models that have long since been discontinued. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to get accurate information, as well as good photos to use here. Thus, I am always open to suggestions of sites that contain information that could be useful.

I'm currently attending college and I am waffling between choosing a career as a journalist or as an automotive stylist. I prefer the latter, but I don't know if I am willing to make the trek out west to go to school out in Pasadena. I am addicted to drawing cars, and few margins of papers ever escape without a couple doodles.

I hope to go to the CCCA's Grand Classic in Baltimore this summer, and hopefully I'll get some nice pictures for the site!

Current Goals

  • Finish Triumph, filling in all the models and making it complete as possible.
  • Finish Mazda and organize it.
  • Start work on Opel and NSU.

P.S. from: AutoGeek THANKS! :D