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Internet Auto Purchase

According to a 2008 study by JD Powers, more than 85% of car buyers now start their search for new vehicles on the Internet. Every vehicle manufacturer has a website where most shoppers learn about the car in general and the manufacturers provide links to local dealers where most shoppers go looking for availability of the vehicle they're looking for.

If you click here on you'll see a link at the top that gives you the ability to Request a Quotebased on dealers nearest your zip code. Any dealer that does not meet the manufacturer's customer satisfaction ratings and dealership website specifications will generally not be listed. However, some manufacturers - mostly domestic - have few if any requirements to be listed on their site so don't assume that a dealership listed on the manufacturer's site provides great service.

Any respectable dealership today has an Internet Sales Managerand be advised that those that do not are likely associated with one of the manufacturers (above) that require no standards. While no indication of the level of service provided, you can find a listing of dealers with Internet Sales Managers at, but a better source is generally the Auto Manufacturer's site itself. Hondarequires the dealer to respond to all internet inquiries - and do so with a price - within 60 minutes of receipt. also mystery shops dealers to confirm compliance. Those that fall short of this and a myriad of other requirements risk removal of their dealership from the Hondasite.

Dealer Internet Upsis one of many resources Internet Sales Managers have available to them to keep up to speed as is ISM in Trainingand Dealer Refresh. Internet Sales Managers that utilize these resources are looking to better themselves and might be considered to be above the crowd in their approach to selling vehicles over the Internet.