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Tadeusz «Tadek» Marek was a Polish automobile engineer, known for his Aston Martin engines.

Marek was from Krakow.<ref>Złote czasy arystokracji from (last accessed May 7, 2007)</ref> He raced and won with a Chevrolet Master sedan in the XII Rally of Poland (1939)<ref>Zwycięzcy Rajdu Polski (1921 - 2005) from (last accessed April 16, 2007)</ref> before moving to Great Britain where he joined the Centurion tank engine development (1944),<ref>Put the dash back into Aston Martin from</ref> and eventually joined Aston Martin (1954).<ref>Aston Martin DB4 Superleggera from</ref>

He developed the alloy 6-cylinder engine (forerunner of the DB4 engine) of the Aston Martin DBR2 racing car (1956), and redesigned the Lagonda engine with a new cast iron block using top seating liners, used in the DB Mark III. The DBR2 engine (after changes) was subsequently used in the DB4,<ref>"Aston Martin - Great British Design Quest", Design Museum, undated, retrieved on January 12, 2009.</ref> DB5, DB6 and DBS. Marek also developed the Aston Martin V8 engine (1968), which was in use until the year 2000. It was first equipped to a DB5 driven by Marek personally (1965),<ref>Going one better than James Bond from</ref> and two Aston Martin DB7 were also equipped with this V8 (1995).<ref>Aston Martin DB7 V8 (1995) from]</ref>