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State Limousine




Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Globes Israel reports that the office of the Prime Minister of Israel ordered a specially manufactured Audi A8 Security in late 2010. The armoured car is based on the 450 hp W12 version of the Audi A8 and is certified to the highest bullet-proofing classes B6+ and B7. Analysts estimate the car to be worth $750-850 thousand dollars before taxes (around $1 million w/ taxes).

The country has procured multiple A8 Security in the past for its head of state, however, these were standard vehicles on lease from Audi. The new vehicle is the first to be manufactured bespoke specifically for the Prime Minister of Israel and specially outfitted with unique improvements and upgrades to the specifications of the Israeli security forces.

According to the manufacturer's official data, the standard A8 Security has an original, factory-produced, protected passenger compartment, proof against bullets and hand grenades. It has electronically controlled air suspension to support the great weight of the vehicle and the special safety systems. It also has safety features such as bullet-proof tires; and a device that blows the doors off if they have become jammed by shockwaves; an independent oxygen supply system; an automatic fire extinguishing system, and more. For passengers' comfort, a DVD player is installed in the back, with a wide screen, and there is a refrigerator, and a humidor for keeping cigars moist.


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