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Plymouth TC3/Turismo
Production TC3 (1979-1982)
Turismo (1983-1987)
Class Subcompact
Body Style 3-Door Hatchback
Length 174.8"
Width 66.1"
Height 50.7"
Wheelbase 99.1"
Weight 2400-2700 lbs
Transmission 4-Speed Manual, FWD
5-Speed Manual, FWD
3-Speed Automatic, FWD
Engine 1.6L (97 cid) I4 (1983-1986)
1.7L (105 cid) I4 (1979-1982)
2.2L (135 cid) I4 (1981-1987)
Power 64-96 hp
Similar Dodge 024/Charger
Platform L

The Plymouth Turismo (Turismo translates to "tourism" in Italian) started life in 1979 as a 3-door hatchback coupe version of the 5-door Horizon and was called TC3 (or Horizon TC3). In 1981 the TC3 got a performance option package known as TC3 Turismo 2.2 (like the Dodge 024 Charger 2.2), and then became Turismo in 1983. The Turismo continued as an identical twin to the L-body Charger until it was cancelled after the 1987 model year. There would be no successor to the Turismo.

See the Dodge Charger (L-body) entry for more information about the Plymouth TC3/Turismo.