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1987 Plymouth Reliant
Plymouth Reliant
Production: 1981-1989
Class: Compact
Body Style: 2-Door Coupe, 4-Door Sedan, 5-Door Wagon
Length: 178.6"
Width: 68"
Height: 52.5"
Wheelbase: 100.1"
Weight: 2600-2800 lbs
Transmissions: 4-Speed Manual FWD
5-Speed Manual, FWD
3-Speed Automatic, FWD
Engines: 2.2L (135 cid) I4 (1981-1989)
2.6L (156 cid) I4 (1981-1985)
2.5L (153 cid) I4 (1986-1989)
Power: 84-101 hp
Similar: Chrysler LeBaron
Dodge Aries
Dodge 400
Platform: K

The Plymouth Reliant was a near-identical twin to the Dodge Aries produced from 1981-1989, and succeeded the Volare. It would be replaced by the Acclaim in 1990.

Please see the entry for Dodge Aries for comments on the Plymouth Reliant.