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NUMMI, or New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc., is the only auto manufacturing plant in CA and the Western United States. It's a joint venture between Toyota and GM. The plant currently produces Toyota's Corolla & Tacoma as well as Pontiac's Vibe. In the past, it manufactured the Toyota Matrix (Japanese version of the Vibe), Chevy Nova, Geo Prism and Toyota Hilux (Toyota Truck for Japan).

It's interesting to note that America's largest manufacturing business is cars and light trucks. Considering that the industry as a whole is reponsible for 1 in 10 jobs in the United States, the West's ratio is catching up. NUMMI is really the only major player in the region. It contributes 420,000 cars and light trucks to America's 16-17 million produced every year. Over 5,000 workers run the 380 acre plant that buys from 3,600 North American suppliers including over 1,000 California businesses. At the end of the day, NUMMI supports 50,000 jobs.

As a result of the 2009 Global Economic Recession and its own bankruptcy, GM announced its intention to pull-out from the joint venture as part of its bankruptcy proceedings. However, on August 27, 2009, the second half of the partnership, Toyota, has decided to pull the plug as well - voting to shutter the plant effective March 2010. The closing was seen as inevitable for months, amidst protests from factory workers to keep the plant open and in spite of Toyota holding out for as long as it can by keeping Corolla and Tacoma production going after GM left.


Used to be an old shuttered GM plant.

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1986-current Toyota Corolla, 1995-current Toyota Tacoma, 2002-current Pontiac Vibe

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