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The Mitsubishi PS platform, also known as "Project America", is mid-size, front wheel drive platform developed by Mitsubishi Motors North America. It is used for the Endeavor, Galant, and Eclipse. The platform was designed in North America, and vehicles based on it are built at its manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois.<ref name="ai">"Mitsubishi Flexa-Facturing: It’s Nothing But Normal", Rob Wilson, Automotive Industries, February 2003</ref><ref name="project">"Mitsubishi Motors Announces "Project America" -- First product Is Next Generation SUV", Mitsubishi Motors press release, February 14, 2000</ref>

The Galant-derived 380, built at Mitsubishi Motors Australia's plant in Tonsley Park, Adelaide between 2005 and 2008, also used the PS platform.<ref name="paultan">"Mitsubishi 380 3.8L V6",, February 4, 2006</ref>

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