Lancia V6 engine

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In 1950, Lancia introduced the world's first V6 engine in the Lancia Aurelia. The engine remained in production through 1970.


The first-generation Aurelia engines were produced from 1950 through 1967.


The 1.8 L (1754 cc) 1800 was the first V6.


The engine was expanded to 2.0 L (1991 cc) for 1951's B21 Aurelia. Bore was 72 mm and stroke was 81.5 mm.


A 2.3 L (2266 cc) version was also produced.


The largest of the original Aurelia engines was the 2.5 L (2451 cc) 2500 introduced in 1953. It was still undersquare at 78 mm bore and 85.5 mm stroke.


The engine's severe undersquare design was addressed for the 1957 Flaminia version. This lasted in production through 1970.


The new 2.5 L engine displaced 2458 cc from a much less undersquare 80 mm bore and 82 mm stroke.


The final version was the 2.8 L (2775 cc) engine. Bore was now 85 mm and stroke remained at 82 mm as in the 2500.