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Industrias Kaiser Argentina or IKA was an Argentine motor company established in 1956 in Córdoba Province as a joint venture with Kaiser Motors of the United States.

The initial production was of various Jeeps. These utility vehicles were shortly followed by a local version of the Kaiser Manhattan sedan, called the Carabella, using the U.S. production equipment which had been transferred. This model was discontinued in 1962.

Near the end of Carabela production, IKA also manufactured several smaller fuel-efficient cars: an Alfa Romeo 1900 sedan (badged IKA Bergantin) and a Renault Dauphine (badged IKA Dauphine).

In 1962, various Rambler models licensed from American Motors Corporation (AMC) would replace all of these. The final form of the AMC variants was the potent Torino which saw a lot of racing on international circuits.

IKA had partenered with Régie Nationale des Unies Renault of France in the late 1960s and in 1970 Kaiser Industries, in a decision to exit the auto business, sold IKA to Renault.

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