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2007 Civic Si
2007 Civic Si

The Honda Civic Si is a sport compact / hot hatch version of the compact car Honda Civic built by the Japanese automaker Honda. The Si model name was formerly used in both Japan and North America, with it denominating the most powerful Civic available. In Canada, the Si trim has become analoguous to the "EX" trim in the United States, denoting the highest luxury-trimmed Civic, without a sport engine, and in Japan until recently, the Civic Si was the model below the higher-performance Si-R and later, Type-R. The Civic Si has always been the highest performance Civic available in that market (ie a Japanese market Si was a 128 bhp DOHC powered compared to the lesser SOHC US market model).

Si stands for "sport injected."


The 3rd generation Civic, and the Si trim was introduced, geared toward those who wanted the performance of the CRX Si but needed a four-seat vehicle. Standard equipment for the Civic Si hatchback included a removable glass sunroof, tilt steering wheel, a full-width taillight panel and color-keyed front airdam and roof spoiler.

The USDM car featured a 91 hp engine on 13 inch steel wheels.[1]


The 4th generation Civic Si shared a chassis with the 2nd generation Honda CRX and the USDM Si sported a 108hp engine, weighing in a 2286lb it pulled a factory 0-60 of 8.7 seconds (


The USDM Civic Si of 1992-1995 sported a 125 hp / 106 tq single overhead cam D16z6VTEC engine. Standard equipment included 14 inch steel wheels with plastic wheel covers, dash clock, power sliding moonroof, cruise control, power mirrors, power steering, and driver's side airbag. In 1994, a passenger side airbag and rear speakers were added.

0-60 mph for a 1992 Civic Si is recorded at 8.5 seconds. [2]


Its 1999 model revolutionised the Compact Performance car market with its excellent value as well as performance, offering 160 horsepower and 111 foot-pounds of torque in a car that weighed roughly 2600 lb. The car was discontinued after 2000.

The 1999-2000 Honda Civic SI used the B16A2 engine.
Generation: 6G-EM
Displacement CC's: 1595
Compression: 10.2:1
160 HP @ 7600RPM
111lb/[email protected] 7000RPM

0-60MPH = 7.2 Seconds 1/4 Mile = 15.7 Seconds

The car was made only in 3 colors:

  • Electron Blue Pearl
  • Flamenco Black Pearl
  • Milano Red

All newer model Civics come equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking system. However, the 99-00 Civic SI did not have this feature. Which saved weight, and was a good way for the driver to learn how to properly brake under different situations.

This was the last generation of Civic to feature all Double-wishbone suspension that gave it improved handling characteristics before the line went to the cheaper MacPherson struts.


In 2002, the Civic Si received a complete redesign, and once again, came back as a hatchback. The body shape of this model is based on the "New Bullet-Form" concept, which supposedly was aimed to create a more dynamic look, coupled with high aerodynamic functionality, i.e., greater stability while traveling on highway or winding country road.

This new design is based on a new platform, that was manufactured only at the Swindon plant in England, UK, and exported around the world in many different trims.

This new Civic Si uses the new K series engine, and for this Si model, the K20A3 i-VTEC that puts out 160 hp at 6,500 rpm and 132 lb-ft of torque at 5,000 rpm.

(Note: Honda has introduced this extremely fun to drive hatchback in various guises, and the most powerful, factory tuned version is the Civic Type-R version that was available in Japan, and Europe. The main differences with the Japanese version, and the European version are the engines, where the former utilizes the K20A, and the latter uses the K20A2. Additionally, the Japanese version has LSD and specially tuned suspension, while the European's version does not. )

The Honda chassis code for the Si and Type-R models is "EP3", also referred to as the "EP Hatch".


Recently, the car has been redesigned for 2006 (along with all other Civic trims), representing significant changes since the previous generation. The new car comes with a 2.0 litre i-VTEC engine that now produces 197 horsepower and 139 foot-pounds of torque, while also including a 6-speed transmission with helical Torsen limited slip differential, among other performance add-ons and pulled an impressive factory 0-60mph at 7.2 ( seconds. For the first time a sedan version was offered since the fall of 2006.


2007 Honda Civic SI sedan.
2007 Honda Civic Mugen SI sedan.

Honda has introduced a Civic Si sedan for the 2007 model year. Debuted at the Chicago Auto Show, the initial concept sported larger wheels (18" alloys) than its coupe brethren, along with 4-piston Brembo brakes and large cross drilled brake rotors not found on the Coupe Si. The production version of the Si sedan is mechanically almost identical to the coupe, and loses the concept car's 18" wheels and Brembo brakes. Civic Si Sedan is not available in Canada, but it is replaced by Acura CSX Type-S. [3]

2007 model changes for all Civic Sis include the addition of vehicle stability assist or VSA (not included on Canadian models), darker silver on the wheels, and a reversal of the red/black color scheme for the secondary gauges. Floor mats also have the Si logo embroidered on them. Honda has also increased the price of the Si coupe by $800 for the 2007 model year.

With the release of the Civic Si sedan also comes the release of the Civic MUGEN Si sedan. Announced at this year's SEMA autoshow, the new MUGEN sedan will have features such as a higher-flowing cat-back, track-tested sport-tuned suspension, and a MUGEN body kit. Production will be limited to only 500 units per year and the price has been stated to be around $30,000, which might be higher due to its limited production. [4]

Media coverage

In Insurance Bureau of Canada's report on top 10 most stolen vehicles in 2005, 2000 Honda Civic Si 2-door, 1999 Honda Civic Si 2-door, 1994 Honda Civic Si 2-door Hatchback, 1996 Honda Civic Si 2-door Hatchback are listed as ranks #1, #2, #5, #8 respectively[5]. None of the top ten vehicles included electronic immobilizers[6].


  • Hasbro has announced that they will be introducing a figure into their Transformers toy lineTransformers Alternators line which will use the form of a 2006 Honda Civic Si. The figure will be a Decepticon by the name of Rumble.

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