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Harm Lagaay

Harm Lagaay is a Dutch automobile designer. He worked for Simca in the late 1960s, then for Porsche from 1971. His work there was on the Porsche 911 and Porsche 924. He worked as Design Manager for Ford in Cologne from 1977, and moved to BMW Technik in 1985 where he designed the BMW Z1 sports car. He returned to Porsche in 1989 as head of the "Style Porsche" department in Weissach. As well as the Porsches of the period — the Porsche 993 (the 1993-1997 generation of the 911 for which Englishman Tony Hatter is also credited), Boxster, Cayenne, 996 (the all-new 911 of 1997), Carrera GT — he also oversaw the company's work for external clients.

He retired from Porsche in July 2004 and was replaced by Michael Mauer of Germany.

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