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The General Motors T-car was an automobile platform designation for subcompact cars. It was the 1970s' most prolific world car program. The original T-cars were all rear-wheel drive unibody cars.

GM reused the T-body designation beginning in 1979 with the front-wheel drive Opel Kadett D and the Vauxhall Astra Mk I. This version of the T-body also became widespread throughout the world.

Other names for the FWD T platform are the GM2700 and the GM3000, applied to Opel Astra G/B and Zafira A and their rebadges.

The platform was superseded by GM Delta platform.

Complete list of GM T-cars (rear-wheel drive)

Body styles; (1) Coupe; (2) 2-door sedan (B11); (3) 3-door hatchback (B08); (4) 4-door sedan (B69); (5) 5-door hatchback (B68) (wheelbase 2in. longer than the others); (w) 3-door wagon(B15); (t) Pickup truck (v) Sedan delivery (B70).

Complete list of GM T-cars (front-wheel drive)

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