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Flaminio Bertoni

Flaminio Bertoni (Italian, January 10, 1903—February 7, 1964) was an automobile designer, responsible for some of the most radical reconceptualisations of automobiles ever. He worked iin the years following World War II.

Contemporary journalists often noted that he followed a "clean sheet" approach to design, taking absolutely nothing for granted.

His designs met with solid market acceptance; they tended to be designs that observers either loved or hated and were considered by some to be too far ahead of their time.

Working at Citroën for decades, Bertoni designed the 2CV, the H van, the DS, and the Ami 6.

The DS was often exhibited at industrial design showcases, such as the 1957 Milan Trienniale Exposition.

Bertoni was born on January 10, 1903 in Varèse (Italy) and died in 1964.

Before his work in industrial design, Bertoni was a sculptor.

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